Creating the next standard for global distribution

While the global EC market is worth 250 trillion yen and the cross-border ratio is approaching 20%, the cross-border ratio of the Japanese EC market is only 1%.

The reason for this is because of business-oriented service design that does not cater to the convenience of consumers around the world.
The price is high because it is overseas. It is slow because it is overseas.

We face this challenge head-on and have built a mechanism to “deliver any Japanese product to anywhere in the world in 3 days with free shipping, at the same price as in Japan,” through a global supply chain based on local sales networks and data from around the world. We disclose the vast amount of demand data from around the world and use it to create a data-driven global supply chain. The vast amount of worldwide demand data obtained from this system is utilized to enable data-driven global expansion.

・Committed to expanding overseas sales through our own inventory model

・Local marketplace sales network in over 50 countries

・Global supply chain with 3-day delivery anywhere in the world

  • – Demand forecasting enables appropriate inventory allocation to local warehouses and local delivery.

・Data-driven decision making based on global demand data

  • – Disclose worldwide sales and consumer behavior data for each product
  • – Uncovering latent demand worldwide